Timbergreen Woods Wholesale Purchasing Guidelines

First Order Minimum:
Subsequent Order Minimum:
Standard Shipping Rate:
Free Shipping…
Design Fees:

All orders over $500.00
$35-$200 (See Below)

Custom Designs, Name Drops, and Design Fees

  • Design fees range from $35 to $200 and depend upon the complexity of the request and the design-readiness of any artwork or logo to be used in the product design. For example, to add a business name to an existing stock ornament is relatively straight forward, and creating an entirely new ornament or product is more involved. See our product sample page for some ideas.
  • Customers are involved in our design process! At Timbergreen Woods, we go the extra step to provide great service and communication.
  • We want to create the design you envision–and the products that your customers will purchase.
  • We take your ideas, your logo, your images… and turn them into compelling, attractive designs in beautiful Wisconsin woods, like cherry, oak, maple, and walnut.