Testimonials – Full Value Forestry Training Tours

  • Wallace Baird 
    In the summer of 2005 just as I was moving into making flooring and molding on our family farm I found the Timbergreen website while searching for help with our Logsol PH260 planar/molder. That search resulted in the family (adult son and daughter, and my wife and I) spending 5 days with Jim at Timbergreen. It was the most worthwhile educational and fun trip I have ever had. Jim had it going on even eleven years ago and he has broadened the scope to various other products and marketing. I wish that we could spend another day in Spring green but we are busy at Treehugger Forestry, 1000 miles away and old. Great going, Jim!
  •  Chafungwa Mwansa 
    I found Timbergreen farm online and could not believe the wealth of information they published on solar kilns and efficient forestry. When I discovered that they offered a training course, I jumped. Only problem is I live in Lusaka ,Zambia (Africa). It took me 4 flights and Avis car rental to travel 15000 km+ to get to Wisconsin. I spent day with Jim and the family, and its my best American adventure thus far! If you are involved or want to be in this industry, just book your slot now. I learnt so many trade secrets. Lunch was delicious aswell.
  •  Tony Lovell     The fellow from Australia
    If you are interested in seeing forest management done properly, if you are interested in seeing scalable sustainable socially positive timber processing and production, if you think that water and soil and land and forests and people matter, then make a great investment in your future and spend some time with Jim and his crew at Timbergreen