Responsible forestry, teaching, good local wood, good local jobs, and family. These are Jim Birkemeier’s passions.

Jim has advocated for forests and landowners for over 40 years. He has presented his ideas at four international forestry conferences–in Vietnam, India, Thailand, and New Zealand–and he has taught his system to landowners in 20 countries. Forest owners from around the world have attended the Full Value Forestry workshops he hosts several times every year in Spring Green, Wisconsin.

How it all started… After earning his B.S. in Forest Science from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, Jim worked in the state’s timber industry. After only a few years, however, he was discouraged by what he saw and learned in the field: poor treatment of the forests and forest owner by the government, forestry profession, and the industry as a whole. He vowed to make a change.

Jim developed his approach to management while overseeing his own family-owned, 250 acre forest, Timbergreen Farm. His family purchased the land in 1974, and it is there where he re-learned forest management from the landowner’s point of view. Over the next several years, his vision, objectives, and businesses expanded to include Spring Green Timbergrowers, Timber Green Woods, Timbergreen Flooring, writing books, producing educational DVD’s, and teaching hands-on workshops. More about these topics can be found on this website.

He knows the value his trees hold, and he is proud that the value of his good local wood employs his team at good living wages. The Wisconsin Sustainable Business Council recognized Birkemeier’s business with the Most Sustainable Products in Wisconsin award, and WoodMizer recognized him with the Best Sawmill Business on the continent. Recognition from the Madison Independent Business Awards include Best Small Family Business in Wisconsin and the Market Spark Award.

Jim Birkemeier is also a member of Spring Green Fire Department and an active first responder. After a fire destroyed a local church, local news interviewed Jim about the plan to rebuild using salvaged trees from the property. Here is a link to the One Ash Tree news video.