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Full Value Forestry

Full Value Forestry… masters the Native North American teaching of using just the dead and dying trees that the forest gives you – so the trees will last forever; …encourages natural succession and natural regeneration, following the German Dauerwald teaching – “Watch Nature”; …carefully harvests an average of one tree per acre each year, so the forest is never changed or damaged; …utilizes each part of the tree for its highest value use.  Smart!; …earns a minimum of $10,000 per thousand board feet – $10 per board foot, or more; …creates local jobs; …and much, much more! 86 pages.  $16.00

Full Vigor Forestry

The Birkemeier family operates a complete, simple, practical, fully integrated forestry management business on 200 acres that earns a good and fair income to successfully operate all aspects of the entire system. The timber grower maintains control and ownership of the wood products until they are sold as direct as possible to customers. By eliminating the brokers, shippers, middlemen, and keeping that money within the business, the high value of wood products is captured and kept in our business and the local economy. One good paying & satisfying job can be supported from every 10-20 acres of forest growth. Over 120 pages.

Solar Cycle Lumber Kilns

Solar heated lumber dry kilns have been the key to 25 years of success at Timbergreen Farm, a 200 acre family forest business in Southwest Wisconsin. Solar Cycle kilns are so simple and effective that this technology opens a new door to small woodworking businesses around the world – in the tropical rain forests, natural forests, young forest plantations, and urban forestry. 50 Pages.

Phony Phorestry

Jim Birkemeier, a professional forestry insider, blows the whistle on the ongoing corruption and cover-ups in the industrial forestry system everyone calls “sustainable” and “sound” and “certified”. Published 2016.

Good Local Wood

Good Local Wood by Jim Birkemeier offers a new alternative timber market for anyone who owns forests or has trees in their neighborhood. Promoting the use of locally grown and manufactured wood products is likely the biggest economic opportunity-right in front of us-TODAY!

DVD - Running a Profitable Sawmilling Business

This DVD from Timbergreen Farm will help you learn about how we use simple tools to get the highest revenue from our wood.

DVD - Directional Felling Trees

Using the Bore Cut method and other tricks to safe and accurate felling. 60 Minutes.

DVD - Kiln Drying Lumber with the Solar Cycle Kiln

Produce superior quality lumber using the free power of the sun – 25 years of successful operations.

DVD - Arthroscopic Logging - Skidding Lumber with Small Equipment

Small machinery is used and heavy equipment never leaves the extensive woods trail system, protecting the forest soils.  Old fashioned tools – logging arches, levers, wheels, and even true Belgian horsepower are used – picking the best method for each situation. Modern improvements – like adding a radio control to the tractor winch – make these tools even more efficient.  “No damage logging is essential to responsible long-term forestry,” adds Birkemeier. 40 minutes.

Books and DVD’S:

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