Spring Green Timbergrowers is a proud member of Wisconsin Urban Wood (WUW). WUW partners work together to build supply, demand, and markets for urban wood. WUW operates as a 501c3 non-profit organization to promote the full cycle benefits of trees and their related human economies.

Spring Green Timbergrowers is a proud member of Dane Buy Local. The mission of Dane Buy Local is to create a sustainable, vital local economy through education, collaboration, and promotion for our members and the general public in South Central Wisconsin. DBL is about economic development which contributes to a higher quality of life in the area.

WHERE ART AND NATURE MEET Spring Green and the River Valley area are special. Somehow this land escaped the last great Ice Age, as well as the one before that. What you see here, and nowhere else in the Upper Midwest, is a landscape sculpted at least a half million years earlier than anything else around it. The results are breathtaking: rolling hills and bluffs that overlook the Wisconsin River Valley, and a setting infused with ageless beauty.

Jim Birkemeier is an active First Responder and member of the Spring Green Fire Department. The Spring Green Fire Department and Ambulance Service proudly serves the citizens of the district and those who pass through. Our service area consists of the Village of Spring Green, the Township of Spring Green in Sauk County, and the northern 1/2 of Wyoming Township in Iowa County.  The service operates two engines, three tenders, three brush Units, one medium duty rescue, a command vehicle, one river rescue boat and two basic life support ambulances.