From Our Forest to You!

Spring Green Timber Growers LLC encompasses many inter-related endeavors, all of which connect to and originate from the 200 acre farm owned by the Birkemeier family since the late 1960’s. It is there that Jim Birkemeier developed and refined his approach to forestry, built his solar kilns and his own log home, started his businesses, and continues to write books, teach, operate his Wood-Mizer, manage the forest, pick morels, and more. The core efforts of Spring Green Timber Growers LLC are outlined here on this site:

• Sustainable Forestry Education
• Beautiful Wisconsin Hardwood Flooring from Good Local Wood
• Timber Green Woods – Wholesale Ornaments, Home Decor, and other Wood Products
• Timber Green Woods – Retail Ornaments, Home Decor, and other Wood Products
•  Creating Good Local Jobs with Good Local Wood

Spring Green Timber Growers follows the traditional teaching of the Native Americans of Northern Wisconsin. We use the wood our forest naturally gives us each year. We never let the demands of industry determine what trees we harvest. We let our good trees grow as long as they are healthy and vigorous – and carefully salvage just part of our annual growth. We put local people to work making natural, solid, beautiful wood products and keep all of the many values of our trees right here at home in our local economy and community.